Our vision: A place-based approach to sustainable seafood

flounder in seagrass Narragansett Bay

A place-based approach to sustainable seafood is one that defines sustainability in terms of the resilience of local ecosystems and fishing fleets. It seeks to understand and sustain the complex relationships between the species harvested in our local ocean, the habitat that supports them, the fishermen who catch them, and the market that provides them for our consumption.  It recognizes that we live in an era of rapid environmental change, and promotes a notion of sustainable marketing that is adaptable to changing ecology, broad-based in the species it considers, and ever in tune with the observations of both scientists and fishermen as they strive to understand these changes. Finally, it calls on seafood lovers to support actions and policies that protect and enhance wild ocean ecosystems as a source of nutritious seafood and fishing jobs.

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Local seafood and fishery ecosystems

Sustainable wild seafood begins with the ecosystems that produce it. In New England, fishermen harvest seafood in three broad ecological areas: the Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank, and Southern New England waters. Each of these ecosystems has its own unique story. Learn more about New England's marine ecosystems >>

These ecosystems are exposed to a variety of impacts that may alter or even undermine their ability to provide seafood in a sustainable manner. These includes climate change, ocean acidification, invasive species, and habitat change. Ecosystems and the fishermen who depend on them are constantly adapting to these changes; consumers can help by being flexible in our seafood expectations and addressing root causes.  Learn more about the impacts that face New England's marine ecosystems >>

New England's marine ecosystems produce an astounding array of edible seafood species. Our mission is to introduce local seafood lovers to the full spectrum of local species, so as to avoid placing excessive pressure on any one ecological component. Learn more about the diversity of wild seafood species in New England's marine ecosystems >>

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Our events bring people together to celebrate our connection to our local marine ecosystems through food while learning more about how to eat in tune with these ecosystems and steward them for the future. Take a tour of some of our past events from 2012-today >>

For winter 2014/2015, we are scheming up a few cooking workshops at the new Hope & Main kitchen incubator in Warren, RI. Look out for a Feast of the Seven Fishes in December. 

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